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Keynote Lecture


Artificial Intelligence: The Smartest Tool for Decision Makers

Lobna Karoui
AI Strategist for Fortune 500 & President of AI Exponential Thinker
United States

Brief Bio
Dr. Lobna Karoui is AI Strategist for Fortune 500 & CAC40. She is a Google recognized Expert about “Disruption, Empathy and Trust” and one of the 1000 AI experts in the world who signed “Autonomous Weapons: an Open Letter” with Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Dr. Karoui graduated from CentraleSupelec and Yale. As Data and AI thought leader, Dr. Karoui is invited as a contributor at Forbes, MIT, Women Forum Economic and society and as a speaker at Harvard University, Stanford, Amazon, Bloomberg. Dr. Lobna Karoui is the President of AI Exponential Thinker with the mission to educate and empower 1 Million young people, horizon 2030, about TRUST Technologies, Artificial Intelligence Opportunities and the needed skills for the Future. As a Futurist, researcher and podcast producer, she invites Exponential Thinkers from various organizations such as Google, Amazon, Nvidia, WEF, Harvard to share their visions about the Future of Work and Education in this time of Exponential Technologies.

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