2nd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

Stafford, UK
4-7 July 2000


Internet Access:

A room with 24 machines is available for the use of all delegates


Conference Programme: 4-7 July 2000


The first day of ICEIS 2000 (4th July) is reserved for tutorials and workshops.


The 3rd International Workshop on Organisational Semiotics

Living with Legacy.


Unfortunately due to lack of response the tutorials have had to be cancelled.


The banquet will take place at The Moat House Hotel, Acton Trussell, on the 6th July.

MILORDS AND MILADIES - Our evening of music, mirth and merriment begins with Baron Bonkers and his team welcoming the guests to dinner surrounded with lively music and revelry !
To read more about the banquet, click here

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