11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
6 - 10, May 2009            Milan, Italy
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The 1st International Workshop on Managing Data with Mobile Devices (MDMD 2009)

6-7 May, 2009 - Milan, Italy

In conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2009)

Hagen Höpfner
International University in Germany

Essam Mansour
International University in Germany

Aim of the Workshop
After the decades of mainframe and of personal computers, mobile  computing forms the 3rd century of computing. Nowadays, mobile devices, such as sensor nodes, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, smart phones,  sub-notebooks, etc. are omnipresent. Furthermore, they are used by more  and more heterogeneous people than PCs or mainframes were used before,  and most people do use more than only one device. These facts in  combination with the well known hardware limitations of mobile devices  and wireless networks opens a new research field that focuses on how to  manage data with mobile devices.

The MDMD workshop targets researches  that concentrate on all aspects of managing data with mobile devices,  starting from "How to manage data on mobile devices?", over "How to  integrate mobile devices into information systems of a static behaviour?",  to "How to manage data in a purely mobile world?". Hence, we are  interested in client only-, client/server-, and p2p-approaches dedicated  to mobile devices and their specifics.

The overall goal of the workshop is to bring people from different fields together, exchange research ideas and results, and encourage discussion about how to provide efficient data management techniques for mobile devices and to understand the research challenges of such area.

Topics of Interest
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Data management and energy consumption for mobile devices
  • Interfaces for data management on mobile devices
  • Database management systems for mobile devices; challenges, techniques and  theories
  • Caching and replacement techniques for mobile devices
  • Mobile query processing using semantic caching
  • Data management challenges, techniques and research directions of sensor nodes
  • Principles, theories, models, and challenges issues of context-aware and dependent data
  • Temporal, spatial, and mobile databases
  • Efficient cryptography and security methods for mobile devices; challenges and techniques
  • A secure access to corporate data with mobile devices
  • Challenges of detecting contextual information with preserving the privacy of mobile devices
  • Advanced software applications and tools for managing data with mobile devices
  • New tools, technologies, and platforms for disseminating data among mobile devices

Important Dates
Regular Paper Submission: deadline expired
Authors Notification: deadline expired
Final Paper Submission and Registration: deadline expired

Workshop Program Committee
Karl Aberer, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
Jalal Al-Muhtadi, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Paulo Alencar, University of Waterloo, Canada
Ahmed  Amer, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Oliver Brdiczka, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), USA
Galal Galal-Edeen, Cairo University, Egypt
Hagen Höpfner, International University in Germany, Germany
Birgitta  König-Ries, University Jena, Germany
Ghita Kouadri-Mostefaoui,    Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK
Essam Mansour, International University in Germany, Germany
Daniela Niklas, University Oldenburg, Germany
Isidro Ramos, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Kai-Uwe Sattler, Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany
Günther Specht, University of Insbruck, Austria
Can Türker, Functional Genomics Center Zurich, Switzerland
Ouri Wolfson, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Baihua Zheng, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Paper Submission
Prospective authors are invited to submit papers for oral presentation in any of the topics listed above. Only full papers in English will be accepted, and the length of the paper should not exceed 10 pages.
Instructions for preparing the manuscript (in Word and Latex formats) are available at the conference Paper Templates web page. Please also check the web page with the Submission Guidelines.
Papers should be submitted electronically via the web-based submission system at: http://www.insticc.org/Primoris
In addition, an email must be sent to all workshop chairs including: title, authors' affiliation, and an abstract of the paper submitted.

All accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings book, under an ISBN reference, and in CD-ROM support. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions to Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal (UBICC Journal) ISSN 1992-8424 (www.ubicc.org).

Registration Information
At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the workshop. If the registration fees are not received by March 17, 2009 the paper will not be published in the workshop proceedings book.

Secretariat Contacts
ICEIS Workshops - MDMD 2009
e-mail: workshops@iceis.org

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