11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
6 - 10, May 2009            Milan, Italy
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The 3rd International Workshop on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS 2009)

6-7 May, 2009 - Milan, Italy

In conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2009)

Huub RuŽl
University of Twente
The Netherlands

Tanya Bondarouk
University of Twente
The Netherlands

Background and Goals
Today’s world of business is global, economies around the world are deeply interrelated. The recent financial crisis is clear evidence of this. As many businesses need to take a global view on their operations rather than a local or regional, information systems that businesses use have to be designed in order to meet the needs of global business processes adequately. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are no exception to this. A global company needs to have an HRIS in place that functions properly in all its branches across the global, meaning that these systems should meet needs of users in different political, economical, and cultural settings. This is a major challenge for many global companies.

Research on information systems research in a global context itself is not new (e.g. Ives & Jarvenpaa, 1991), neither is the issue of culture in information systems research. Research on specifically HRIS has taken off about a decade ago. The two previous HRIS workshop within the context of the ICEIS and two other international conferences on HRIS provided us with about 75 research papers. Together with articles published since the mid-90’s on HRIS, the total of published materials may exceed the number of 250 by now.

One of the earliest papers on HRISs from Hannon et al (1996) aimed at outlining the research agenda for HRIS’ in a global environment. They concluded in those days that: “…what the field needs now is to develop a conceptual model that can account for the human elements, the IS elements, and the business elements of HRIS-related activities in the global environment. Such a model would necessarily have to address not only the organizational and technological factors, but the cultural and regulatory forces that also come into play when dealing with systems that span national or regional boundaries and differing social norms, customs and cultures” (p. 263).

However, research on specifically HRISs in a global context has yet few good examples. In today’s world of emerging economies, HRIS-researchers are urged to pick up the challenge.

The main question is how HRISs and nowadays global business context interact? Are HRISs in emerging economies’ business context converging towards their Western counterparts? Or are HRISs diverging as cultural differences will keep on requesting local adjustments? Or are Western-context designed HRISs and those from emerging business contexts blending into a melting pot?

This 3rd workshop on Human Resource Management Information Systems addresses the topic of HRISs in a global context.

Topics of Interest
We like to invite authors to submit papers on the following (non-exhaustive) list of topics:

· Requirement analysis for HRISs in a global context
· HRIS implementation and the role of culture
· Internationalization of business and HRIS
· Theoretical perspectives on the interaction between global business and HRIS
· Data mining, HRIS, and global talent management
· HR marketing in a global business context through HRISs
· Research methodology for HRIS-in-a-global-context research
· HRIS and enterprise architectures in a global context
· The HR function, HRIS, and global HRM
· HRIS and global organization strategy
· HRIS and global knowledge management
· Foreign market entry, HRM implementation, and HRIS
· HR sourcing and HRIS

Important Dates
Regular Paper Submission: deadline expired
Authors Notification: deadline expired
Final Paper Submission and Registration: deadline expired

Keynote Speaker
- Chris Brewster, Henley School of Management University of Reading, U.K.
     Title: Human Resource Information Systems in a global business context: convergence, divergence and crossvergence?

Workshop Program Committee
Karine Guiderdoni, LEST, France
Sven Laumer, Otto-Friedrich Universitšt Bamberg, Germany
Ewan Oiry, LEST, France
Miguel Olivas-LujŠn, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dino Ruta, Bocconi University, Italy
Stefan Strohmeier, Saarland University, Germany

Paper Submission
Prospective authors are invited to submit papers in any of the topics listed above.
Instructions for preparing the manuscript (in Word and Latex formats) are available at the conference Paper Templates web page. Please also check the web page with the Submission Guidelines.
Papers should be submitted electronically via the web-based submission system at: http://www.insticc.org/Primoris
In addition, an e-mail must be sent to both co-chairs of the Workshop indicating the title of the submitted paper and the area of interest.

Categories of Papers
Two main categories of submission will be considered: 1) regular papers and 2) work in progress by PhD students. The best papers will be selected for a special issue of an international journal.

All accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings book, under an ISBN reference, and in CD-ROM support.

Registration Information
At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the workshop. If the registration fees are not received by March 17, 2009 the paper will not be published in the workshop proceedings book.

Secretariat Contacts
ICEIS Workshops - HRIS 2009
e-mail: workshops@iceis.org


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