Accepted Papers for the Kluwer Book


Below is the list of accepted papers for the Kluwer Book of ICEIS 2001 conference.


Paper # Contact Author Paper Title
3 Joseph Barjis Integrating Organisational Semiotic Approach With The Temporal Aspects Of Petri Nets For Business Process Modeling
16 Luis Gouveia Evaluation of a visualisation design for knowledge sharing and information discovery
36 George Weir Novel Data visualisation and exploration in multidimensional datasets
89 Linda Dawson The use of Formal and Informal Models in Object-Oriented Requirements Engineering
106 Fátima Rodrigues Data Reduction to Improve Knowledge Extraction
114 Jorge Bernardino Data Warehouse Striping: Improved Query Response Time
116 Farhi Marir IODBCon: A Model-Based Approach for the Development of an Object-Oriented Database System for Integrating Information about Architecture Design and Construction Processes.
128 Luca Cernuzzi A Framework for Evaluating WIS Design Methodologies
140 Matthias Wagner An XML-based Multimedia Middleware for Mobile Online Auctions
141 Steven Willmott May your Information Service live in Interesting Times… (Engineering Dynamic Service Environments)
150 Maria Luisa Damiani Modeling data integration in an object based Geographical Information System
163 Borys Omelayenko An Analysis of Integration Problems of XML - Based Catalogues for B2B Electronic Commerce.
173 Colin Ash E-Business Change and Organisational Performance: A Case Study of B2B E-Business Integration
189 Slimane Hammoudi Object Evolution Mechanisms in Object Databases: Requirements, Optional Features and Comparison
194 Ivan Mathias Filho Domain Oriented Framework Construction
199 Bernard  Coulette Managing processes through a base of reusable components
205 Ing Widya Enterprise Modelling for an Educational Information Infrastructure
212 Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj The effects of different feature sets on Web Page Categorization Problem using Iterative Cross-Training Algorithm
227 Joaquim Reis Multi Agent Dynamic Scheduling And Re Scheduling With Global Temporal Constraints
236 Juan Colmenares A Corba And Web Technology Based Framework For The Analysis And Optimal Design Of Complex Systems In The Oil Industry
256 Yoshiyuki Shinkawa An Information System View of Consistency and Integrity in Enterprise Operations
276 Ralph Deters Towards Scalable MAS
290 Rui Aguiar QoS negotiation based on management delegates
300 Ilham Alloui Supporting Decentralised Software-Intensive Processes Using Zeta Component-Based Architecture Description Language
301 Ahmed Karmouch Agent-based Personalized Services for Mobile Users over a VPN
305 Bin Ling An Agent-Based Knowledge Sharing Model For Information Retrieval On The Internet
319 Michael Johnson Enterprise Information Systems: Specifying the Links Among Project Data Models Using Category Theory
323 Andreas Abecker The DECOR Toolbox for Workflow-Embedded Organizational Memory Access
330 Pedro Moura Towards E-Management As Enabler For Accelerated Change
331 Hugo Gamboa Designing Intelligent Tutoring Systems: a Bayesian Approach
333 João Bastos An Intelligent Agent-Based Order Planning For Dynamic Networked Enterprises
335 António Soares Experiences in the development of information systems in an industrial innovation context