Camera-Ready Paper Format for the ICEIS Conference


In order to facilitate the task of preparing the camera-ready version of your paper, we have created examples of the intended result. Please check  files ICEIS-example.doc and ICEIS-example.pdf


The maximum number of pages is the following, according to the paper presentation type:

   30 minute presentations: 8 pages (please note that this is higher than the initially advertised limit indicated in the cfp)

   15 minute presentations: 6 pages.

   poster presentations: 4 pages.

If absolutely needed, authors are allowed to add, at most, 4 extra pages. However, for each extra page the author will have to pay an additional fee, as indicated in the speaker's registration form.



 Page Setup:

             Paper Size:

A4 (210x297 mm)  

            Document margins:

Top:                        3,3 cm

Bottom:            4,2 cm

Left:                        2,6 cm

Right:                        2,6 cm

Header:             1,4 cm

Footer:             2,5 cm

 First section - title, author(s), affiliation, keywords and abstract


Text in one column

Font Times New Roman


Font size 15pt, boldface, all caps

Centered, linespace 17pt


Font size 13pt, boldface italic

Centered, linespace 15pt


Space before 24pt,

Font size 11pt

Centered, linespace 13pt


Font size 9pt, italic

Centered, linespace 11pt

Key words:

Space before 36pt,

Hhanging indent 2cm,

Font size 9pt

Centered, linespace 11pt

Space after 12pt,


Hanging indent 2cm,

Font size 9pt

centered, linespace 11pt

Space after 24pt,

Second section paper contents and references


Text in two columns, width 7,5 cm each, spacing 0,8 cm

Font Times New Roman

Section titles:

Space before 24pt

Hanging indent 1cm

Font size 13pt, bold face, all caps

Left, linespace 15pt

Space after 12pt,

Section subtitles:

Space before 12pt

Hanging indent 1cm

Font size 13pt, bold face

Left, linespace 15pt

Space after 12pt,

Section text:

Font size 10pt

Justified text, linespace 11pt

Reference text:

Hanging indent 0.5 cm,

Font size 9pt

Justified text,  linespace 10pt  

Space after 2pt