Transportation and Accomodation


Below, we provide the options available for getting from the Lisboa airport to Setúbal.

The ICEIS organizing committee has made some special agreements with a few hotels that have accepted to lower their normal prices for the benefit of the ICEIS conference speakers and other delegates. The list of hotels, including the prices for double and single rooms, and the phone and fax contacts, is provided below.

Important notice: These hotels are the only ones that provide a shuttle that connects with the conference site. A conference bus will be provided to pick up the delegates, drive them from the hotel to the conference site early in the morning, and drive them, later in the afternoon, from the conference site back to the hotel. This service will be available during the workshops and conference days (6-10 July). The specific timetable will be indicated later.



Currency Conversion Rates

Values indicated below are in PTE (Portuguese Escudo). Currently, the exchange rate is approximately the following: 1 Euro = 200 Escudos; 1 US dollar = 220 Escudos, but the dollar amount can vary substantially due to exchange rate fluctuations.




Transportation Options from Lisboa to Setúbal

Setúbal is about 40Km away from the Lisboa international airport, connected by motorway. The main options to get to Setúbal are by taxi (individually or in group) or by bus (departing from "Gare do Oriente"). To get from the airport to "Gare do Oriente" you can take a taxi or another bus (take a look at the map).

#1 - Individual taxi: there is a taxi queue just outside the arrivals area of Lisboa airport. The taxi fare can vary from 7,000 PTE to 8,000 PTE.

#2 - Group taxi: there is an office situated in the arrivals area of Lisboa airport designated "Turismo de Lisboa" where you can get a taxi voucher for a group of up to 4 persons, to go to Setubal for the fixed amount of 9,200 PTE (Monday to Friday, from 6:00 to 22:00) or for the fixed amount of 11,040 PTE (Saturday or Sunday, and other days night: 22:00 to 6:00). To get more information about taxi vouchers you may use the telephone number: +351 21 844 64 73.

#3 - Bus: There are buses departing from "Gare do Oriente" to Setubal town center (currently the cost is 580 PTE one way or 1,100 PTE return ticket). To take the bus, first you have to get to "Gare do Oriente". You can take a taxi to go there by less than 800 PTE. Otherwise, you can take bus 44 which goes to Moscavide and stops at "Gare do Oriente". Just outside the bus terminal in Setubal there are taxis that can drive you to your hotel.


The ICEIS conference will be held in the campus of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal. Take a look at this map to see how to get to the campus by car. 

Here is the bus schedule (not ICEIS bus) from Setúbal to campus of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal.


Conference Hotels

The following hotels have a special agreement with ICEIS to provide lower prices to conference and workshops delegates. All prices, in PTE, are per person and  include breakfast. The telephone country code for Portugal is 351. The number of rooms is limited and you must register before June to get these lower rates.




total # rooms for ICEIS 2001 Telephone Fax


 13.500   48 265 53 41 11 265 53 48 58
Residencial Mar e Sol              8.500               8.500   10 265 23 30 16 265 53 20 36


         8.800   25 265 52 51 71 265 52 68 77
Albergaria Solaris *


         9.000   10 265 54 17 70 265 52 20 70
IBIS Setúbal    7.000     8.000   45 265 77 22 00 265 77 24 47
Residencial Setubalense        6.500       9.000   8 265 52 57 90 265 52 57 89
Albergaria Laitau        7.000       8.000   20 265 53 40 31 265 23 60 95

* -> This hotel is full.

More information about these hotels here.

See a map of the hotels here.

Please reserve directly with the hotel, using the hotel contact phone and fax numbers indicated above. The conference secretariat is not allowed to make hotel reservations.