ICEIS 2000
    2nd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

   Stafford, UK

    5-7 July 2000


Ian Ritchie

Immediate Past-President of the British Computer Society, UK

Making the most of your Knowledge


In the past, organisations which have prospered have been the ones which have made the optimal use of plant and equipment, or of their sales and marketing muscle. In recent decades the financial strength and flexibility of companies have become more significant. Over the next few decades, these factors will become subservient to another powerful strength, exploited by the most successful organisations. That strength will be the knowledge which they possess.

In order to remain truly competitive, organisations must now begin to marshal the skills and experience - the knowledge - which is held in the heads of their employees, and to maximise the benefits of identifying, sharing, and making key knowledge explicit. Ian Ritchie's presentation will look at developments in 'knowledge management' and what it means for future effectiveness.