International Conference on
    Enterprise Information SystemsICEIS'99

1st International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems


27-30 March, 1999



Database Technology and its Applications


Peter M.G. Apers

University of Twente

The Netherlands


More and more application fields require database technology. These new application areas form a challenge for the database community, because their requirements are different from the traditional administrative applications.

New application areas are geographical applications, multimedia applications, WWW, workflow management. Just to name a few. They pose new requirements such as new data types, complex operations, more advanced transaction models.

This presentation concentrates on query optimization and transaction processing:

- A complex object model is presented that allows for the definition of new data types and complex operations on them in such a way that it is still possible to efficiently process queries. This model is currently being tested in the context of GIS, multimedia information retrieval, and semi-structured data.

- An advanced transaction model is presented that allows for the support of business transactions in workflow management. This model has been implemented in an industrial strength prototype.