2nd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

Stafford, UK
4-7 July 2000

About Stafford and the surrounding area:


The town of Stafford gave its name over 1000 years ago, the present county town is on a site of an early settlement, on an island in the middle of marshes. The name Stafford is of Saxon origin and means 'a ford at a landing place' -Staith-ford. Ethelfleda, (daughter of Alfred the Great and widow of Elthelred the Earl of Mercia) fortified the settlement in AD 913 to keep out the Danes. In 1206 King John granted the town a charter recognising its borough status. Visitors and residents can enjoy shops, restaurants, wine bars and pubs situated among old timber framed and stone buildings. There is plenty of entertainment for everyone including Riverside Recreation Centre, a cinema, bowling, laser quest, Gatehouse Theatre, The Coloseum and Reynolds Bar Night Clubs.

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Stafford, the town


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