International Conference on
    Enterprise Information SystemsICEIS'99

1st International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems


27-30 March, 1999




Dr. Mark Klein is a Research Scientist in the MIT Sloan Center for Coordination Science. His research addresses artificial intelligence based support for multi-agent problem solving, with a focus on collaborative design and logistics. Dr. Klein completed his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Illinois in 1989. His research experience since then has encompassed both academic (MIT, University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University) and industrial research settings in the US (Boeing) and Japan (Hitachi), where he has had the opportunity to focus on long term research issues, real-world requirements and technology transfer challenges in large corporations and the US Military.
Dr. Klein has published over 40 journal articles, conference papers and book chapters on these topics, and has developed several major systems for conflict management, design rationale capture and workflow management. His professional activities have included invited talks on three continents, chairing three international workshops on multi-agent systems research, guest editing a special issue on conflict management, and serving on many
journal editorial boards and conference program committees. See for more details as well as on-line versions of selected papers.
Dr. Klein has presented earlier versions of this tutorial the International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems (1995 and 1998), the Second International Workshop on CSCW in Design (1997), the Third World Congress on Expert Systems (1996), the Pacific Rim Conference on AI (1998) and the European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (1995).