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Information Technology Investment and Firm Performance in Developing Economies: A Study of Perceived Impacts of IT on Firms in Namibia


David Phiri

Abstract: Investing in information technology is widely regarded as having enormous potential for increasing firm performance. In Namibia most businesses recognise the diversified value creating potential of IT investments which explains the increase of IT investments. Despite these assumptions however, no validations have been done in the context of the country due to limited local research on this topic. This study, tries to investigate the perception of the intangible intermediate benefits accrued from IT resources with the view that understanding the interaction between IT resources and the users may provide better insights in to how IT is impacting firm performance. The initial results indicate that firms in Namibia perceives their IT investments as a strategic necessity and that IT contributes to business value by providing a variety of benefits, especially at the process level and boosting of growth potential.